Matt Borghi is a Michigan born & bred singer/songwriter, musician and drinker of black coffee. Deeply inspired by Detroit and the Great Lakes, they are frequently reference points at the center of his work.

Matt’s has had a variety of projects through the years including his drone ambient recordings (Hypnos Recordings, Slobor Media, and N-Light-N) which have been featured on Echoes, Music from the Hearts of Space, NPR, BBC and CBC, his Radiohead-influenced IDM outing with his childhood mate, Michael Goldapper, KOSIK (Ghostly International, Simballrec, and Kikapu), his lounge band, The Elevator Conspiracy or his contemporary improvisational soundscape work with saxophonist Michael Teager.  Matt also produces a deep listening meditation podcast called The Ambient Soundbath – www.ambientsoundbath.com.

Matt writes about art, artistry and music mostly, but occasionally other topics tickle his fancy. Matt’s writing has been featured in Billboard, All Music Guide, BPMCulture Magazine, Artbyte, Electronic Musician, Detroit MetroTimes, and on dozens of websites.