Borghi | Teager – Second Studio Release – Shades of Bending Light Out Now

Borghi Teager Shades of Bending LIght

Shades of Bending Light is Matt Borghi & Michael Teager‘s second studio recording and the follow-up to 2013’s critically acclaimed Convocation. Recorded in one take without overdubs, Shades… shows the synthesized guitar and saxophone duo venturing deeper into their “jambient” style which brings together improvised ambient soundscapes from musical ideas created on the spot. Building upon the momentum and trajectory of Convocation and Awaken…, this album features more involved melodic and rhythmic interplay between Borghi & Teager. Fans of Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra, Vangellis’s Blade Runner soundtrack, Jeff Beck’s Blow by Blow, and Tortoise will immediately recognize these influences on Shades of Bending Light.

Purchase digitally via iTunesAmazon, and eMusic, or physically via Kunaki or at live performances.

Critical Praise for Shades of Bending Light

“Combining the intellectual heft of Jazz and Ambient Music with the appeal of New Age/Contemporary Instrumental Borghi & Teager highlight a range of different tonal modes and musical moods… Their genre strives to lift our inner lives, and [they] are right up there among the best.” – From Chuck van Zyl at Star’s Endfull article here.

Borghi | Teager Fall 2014 Tour

We’re bringing the soundscapes back eastward this October! Come check us out if we’re in your area. Info and links below:

10.08.14 – Baltimore, MD – The Windup Space w. Jason Sloan, 9:00 PM

10.09.14 – Manhattan (Greenwich Village), NY – Cafe Nadery – Manhattan, 9:00 PM 

10.10.14 – Pre-Recorded Show for Live Constructions on WKCR, Columbia University Radio

10.10.14 – Brooklyn, NY – Goodbye Blue Monday, Time: TBA

10.11.14 – Princeton, NJ – Live performance on Music With Space on WPRB 103.3 FM, 12:00 AM (midnight) 

10.11.14 – Philadelphia, PA – The Gatherings Concert Series w. Jeff Pearce, 8:00 PM (info:

10.12.14 – Philadelphia, PA – Live performance on Star’s End Radio on WXPN, 2:00 AM

Alesis Nanoverb 2 Review

alesis_nanoverb2 Alright, so, first things first. I’m putting this up here for anybody who may be thinking about buying the Alesis Nanoverb 2, specifically, those folks who’ve used the original, and somewhat harder to get, original Nanoverb and think that the 2, at least, must be as good! Let’s stop right there.



This isn’t a true review in any real sense of the word, but having a website with pretty good search ranking I decided that I had to share my experience. I’ve used the original Nanoverb, the same unit that I bought in 1997, consistently for the last 17 years (read my lovefest post about my Alesis Nanoverb here). I’ve used at every show I’ve played since then, hundreds of shows. I still use it, but the power supply is a little shorted so I just use it in the studio now. I bought the Nanoverb 2 with the hope that it would be, at least, as good as the original Nanoverb. Oh, it is not…  I tried to find gear reviews and YouTube tutorials, but couldn’t find anything, so here goes that didn’t just quote product specs… If you think that Nanoverb 2 is worth taking a chance on, DO NOT DO THIS. It is not even an allusion to the original Nanoverb. It’s cheaper than the Nanoverb was nearly 20 years ago, that should probably say something right there, but alas, I took the chance. nanoaa First off, the unit is twice the width of the original nanoverb and twice the height… Not so freakin’ “nano” anymore… The knobs are smaller and one of the things that I loved about the Original Nanoverb is that it had true pots, but the Nanoverb 2 has some weird crappy digital selector that interrupts/pauses the sound between each selection. Majorly sucky in that regard. Gone are the days of live sound tweaking with the Adjust and Mix knobs… And, oh yeah, they got rid of the Mix knob with the Nanoverb 2 and replaced them with a bunch uber shitty presets that you can’t alter and have very little variation, thus making them worthless. Fortunately, I’ve returned this piece of junk, which says a lot, as I’m certainly prone to “eating” crummy gear because I experiment with so much. Do not experiment with this unless you’re looking for something to practice your shotputting skills with, which actually, with it’s increased weight and footprint, might be the one thing that the Nanoverb 2 is actually good for.

On the other hand, and this would be the microreview for the person who has never used the original Alesis Nanoverb, the Alesis Nanoverb 2 is a functional reverb unit for vocals, acoustic guitars, studio work and the like. It’s not great, but for under 100 bones, it’ll do just fine. Especially, if you find a single setting you like and stick with that. Otherwise, don’t waste your time. And for Alesis, whose products, I still use a lot… For shame… You created fantastic products pre-2000, which reminds me that all of my Alesis gear that’s good is from the 1990s… what happened? Are you trying to appeal to some low cost segment who prefer price over quality? If that’s true, who wouldn’t pay an extra 15 bucks for the Original Nanoverb and all that it offers rather than buying the crummy 2…

Truly, what happened. Alesis, as your name, used to mean something. Honestly, that’s probably why I took a chance on this Nanoverb 2… that’s a mistake I won’t make again and I had to post this so others were aware. Except where noted, I can’t recommend buying the Alesis Nanoverb 2… Go and buy the Original Nanoverb off eBay, you’ll be much happier… that’s my next step. In hindsight, I should have bought about four of these bad boys and stuck in my closet for a rainy day…

Matt Borghi & Michael Teager‘s new live album Awaken the Electric Air: Live from Star’s End, October 20, 2013 is now available


Matt Borghi & Michael Teager‘s new live album Awaken the Electric Air: Live from Star’s End, October 20, 2013 is now available.

The music on this CD comprises live renditions of several selections from Convocation, as well as new compositions that include fresh performances by Teager on flute. Recoreded live at Philadelphia’s WXPN in the World Café Live studio and housed in packaging that’s comprised of original photography by Star’s End host and veteran electronic musician Chuck van Zyl. Our brief time in Philly was magical and welcoming; it’s satisfying that we were able to truly represent these special moments musically, and with the help of Echoes producer Jeff Towne the recordings are superb.

We’re proud of this performance and happy to make this available to the public. The album is available for purchase digitally via iTunesAmazon, and eMusic, or physically via Kunaki or at live performances. You can hear an excerpt of the recording below.