Forward motion

Left over motion
the hues of fall
cold rain

memories of michigan
as the descent into
winter crawls
from the folds of the
horizon’s light.

what can be said,
that hasn’t been said
a thousand times.

the inner conversation
as cold nights
are drawn out
under star-filled

we  toil,
but never stop anticipating.

hopeful hearts.

Wasted bits…

You can put it
all together
Stack it up
and look for some
some meaning.

The mind is good for

Some meaning will come,
some pattern will emerge,
but does it matter
when everything is stacked up
accounted for
and evaluated
or is it just some wasted bit
of energy
that has us perched up
making meaning
looking for patterns
like making shapes
in the


Jazz Age

I don’t listen.
I don’t want to.

I can hear that there’s
something there,

but I’m disinterested,
I’m more interested in what I hear in my

Isn’t that the way it is now?
Little rectangles glow out messages
and notions from
wash up like
surging waves
of nothing,
just short of something,
the shore
of consciousness.

There must be something I’m missing.


Single moments
taper off… Free of
chance and opportunities
to move towards a future
without hope or neglect.

At the prospect,
signals and symbols
dance cheerfully in the mind’s eye,
but only dance fully
alive in the present moment of
What if they didn’t?

Announcing The Sound Traveler Podcast with Matt Borghi

Hey all… so my podcast The Sound Traveler Podcast with Matt Borghi – –  is now live and I’ve just posted the second episode. I’m not going to belabor the announcement with more details than are necessary. Here’s what it is, and there’s a link to listen to it below. Enjoy, share and send feedback.

“Listen in as songwriter and sound artist Matt Borghi goes on a journey to find himself and better understand the world through song, sound and other musical stuff. What will he find? Maybe nothing, who knows… Listen in and hear it all unfold firsthand…”