Ghost Ship on a Black Sea – Final installment of trilogy started with Huronic Minor

Matt Borghi Ghost Ship on a Black Sea

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the release of my new ambient work, Ghost Ship on a Black Sea…

10 years on and the Ghost Ship on the Black Sea completes the sonic trilogy that began with Huronic Minor (2001) and was followed up by The Phantom Light (2005). This series of recordings were an ode, or an homage, of sorts to the natural power of the Great Lakes but also evoked the feelings of the stormy, seasonal solitude of life in the Great Lakes basin in the winter months.

With this  trilogy of dark, long form ambient works, I intended to capture the feeling of the dark winter months on the open water, a place where the dark of night and the glow of the moon reflected against a white-cap sea is one where life and death have existed for time immemorial, and the emotional duality of nature’s power to give and take away.

The sea is not a new theme, but Ghost Ship on the Black Sea, which consists of 95 minutes of new music (thanks to the limitless format of digital releases) captures more than previous recordings, in the trilogy, a sense of place and musical impressionism that I first discovered in the Claude Debussy’s master work  La Mer (The Sea). While the timbres and technologies for executing this sonic picture have more than a century between them, the sentiment and sonic colors are quite similar.

You can buy Ghost Ship on a Black Sea at iTunes, Amazon and many other digital download sites. Click the icons below to go to the most popular sales destinations:


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