Creativity Actualized – Introduction – An Infrequent Web Series

Creativity leads to self-actualization and it’s a journey I’ve been on most of my life. I’m constantly mining my experiences and trying to find portals into the creative mind. As I’ve been writing about these experiences and my view on life, I realized that some others might benefit from some of the things I’ve learned about how to bring more creativity into your daily life. Whether you’re an artist, a would-be artist or don’t consider yourself creative at all, we all can benefit from a more creative outlook in our lives. 

If you consider that Creativity is the intersection of knowledge, imagination and critical thinking – Creativity is a way of seeing and experiencing the world; in a word it’s a choice and because of that I’m calling this series: Creativity Actualized.

If you find any value in what I write here (and even if you don’t), please let me know by commenting, emailing me via my contact page or by sharing the tips with friends, family, colleagues or wherever you share information.