Matt Borghi is a Michigan born & bred musician and producer. Deeply inspired by Detroit and the Great Lakes, they are frequently reference points at the center of his work.

The last few years have found Matt performing a style of guitar he calls ambient guitar. Matt forged his distinctive guitar style by fusing his classical guitar studies, the jazz improvisation theories that he learned while attending Goddard College, Brian Eno’s ideas about ambient music and the idea of John Cage and Erik Satie. With a passion for musical improvisation and a belief in the healing, restorative powers of music, Matt makes each live performance of ambient guitar unique and relaxing, so you’ll never see the same performance twice.

Matt’s has had a variety of musical projects through the years including his drone ambient recordings which have been featured on Echoes, Music from the Hearts of Space, NPR, BBC and CBC, his IDM group with childhood mate, Michael Goldapper, KOSIK , and his ambient guitar work with saxophonist Michael Teager. Matt’s also recorded under the pseudonyms, Manitou and Olagra. Matt’s music has been featured on Hypnos Recordings, Slobor Media and Ghostly International.

Matt also produces The Ambient Soundbath, a deep listening meditation program that provides music for thinking and being – www.ambientsoundbath.com

Matt Borghi high-res promotional photo available here – (2mb)