Matt Borghi creates ambient and drone that music that has been called ‘micro-symphonies tinged melancholic nostalgia’. Much of Matt’s music is performed in a style he calls ‘Ambient Guitar’, but he also uses synthesizers, field recordings and other sound sources to craft his musical soundscapes. With a passion for musical improvisation and a belief in the healing, restorative powers of music, Matt directs his meditation practice and free-flowing creativity into all of his work. Matt also produces the Ambient Soundbath Podcast, a deep listening, meditation program that provides ‘music for thinking and being’.

Matt was struck with a rare heart condition when he was 18 and with a resting heart rate of 140 BPMs, Matt was given 9 months to live, at which point his heart would wear out. His options were to find a heart donor or hope for a miracle. Faced with this kind of existential crisis and no real way to relax and gain perspective, Matt began meditating: Breathing deeply while listening to music. These relaxation methods that Matt was trying worked better than any medication he was given during this time. Fortunately, an experimental heart surgery saved Matt’s life, but his path had been set: He would dedicate himself to making restful music to help people meditate, sleep and relax.

Hear more of Matt’s music here: https://sptfy.com/5ia5

Matt’s has had a variety of musical projects through the years including his drone ambient recordings which have been featured on Echoes, Music from the Hearts of Space, NPR, BBC and CBC, his IDM group with childhood mate, Michael Goldapper, KOSIK , and his ambient guitar work with saxophonist Michael Teager. Matt’s also recorded under the pseudonyms, Manitou and Olagra. Matt’s music has been featured on Hypnos Recordings, Slobor Media and Ghostly International.