Matt Borghi & Michael Teager – Fall 2013 Tour – Early Details

For starters, I’m really excited to announce that Michael Teager and myself will be coming to the U.S. east coast this Fall to perform selections from our release, Convocation. Details are still coming together, but we know that we’ll be doing a performance at a Gathering in Philadelphia (details haven’t been added to the site yet) as an opening act for Dave Luxton and Vic Hennegan followed by a performance Chuck Van Zyl’s excellent and long-running Star’s End program, as well we’ll be coming to do a Living Room Concert at the studios of the nationally-syndicated Echoes program. There will also be dates in Baltimore with Jason Sloan and another show or two, but we’re still in the planning stages there.

One of the things that’s really exciting for me is that Michael and myself will actually be playing music from the recording, created live and in real-time. While Convocation was almost completely improvised live to tape there were charts that I followed in setting up the compositions, so bringing the experience of Convocation to a live audience is something very new for me, as a composer of electronic music. Generally, you take this kind of thing for granted, as a musician in band, because if you’re not playing the songs what are you playing, but ambient and electronic music, for me, has always been very free, more like free jazz than organized composition where live performance is concerned.

Michael and I have played selections from Convocation in various forms, not always totally true to the recording in the year, plus since we went into the the studio to record it and it’s been an interesting trial run for this series of performances. I’m looking forward to Michael and myself practicing our sets, not to memorize note for note, but to set up the basic structure and create new sonic expressions and serendipitous moments as we go.

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