New Music: Long-Form Ambient Guitar – Maple Tree with Red Leaves in Morning Mist


As is sometimes the case, I get inspired, break from any other work I’m actively pursuing and go all-in on a new idea or musical thought. Often, little of value comes from these pursuits, but, every once in a while, something does, and that’s the case with this new release, a long-form autumnal meditation on ambient guitar called Maple Tree with Red Leaves in Morning Mist.

Maple Tree with Red Leaves in Morning Mist, initially, is only available on Bandcamp. I may put it up on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers, eventually, but Bandcamp allows me to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ and get new work out quickly. That’s kind of awesome. Normally, it takes months to get a release out into circulation and get people the chance to hear it while it’s still new and interesting to me; not so anymore.

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