New Release – Low Sun Equinox – A Longform Ambient Journey

Low Sun Equinox is a celebration of the spiritually-rich winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. Dark has taken over the land with only a few hours of daylight and very little in the way of sunlight for days, weeks at a time. It’s a time for reflection, contemplation and the moving forward into renewal or departure. The low sun, if it emerges, casts beautifully icy hues of orange, yellow and every shade in-between against a dark gray sky and a disappearing horizon. I wrote this poem to try and capture its essence, however impossible that might be:

The emerging light
falls against the dark
dreams of yesterday
holding to tomorrow
the faith
in the hope
and the hope
for faith as the cascading light
absorbed into the darkness.
The longest night
upon us,
we look into ourselves,
conscious of breath
and the power
of an unfolding
eternal now.

2 thoughts on “New Release – Low Sun Equinox – A Longform Ambient Journey

  1. I couldn’t agree more with the beauty and significance of the Low Sun Equinox. Your poem beautifully captures the essence of this spiritually-rich time for reflection and contemplation. The emergence of light against the darkness and the power of the present moment are both important themes that resonate with the renewal and departure that this season symbolizes. Keep writing and sharing your inspiring reflections with the world!

  2. I absolutely agree with the sentiment that the winter solstice is a spiritually-rich time for reflection and contemplation. Your beautifully written poem captures the essence of the low sun and the emotions it evokes. It’s important to take the time to look inward, breathe deeply, and find hope and renewal in the darkness. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece.

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