Thinking of Sound: Birdsong

Remembering spring.

Listening to a robin singing high up in a tree, as I was walking into work, signaled that spring is beginning; a time for new life and rebirth. I was struck by the volume and purity of tone with which the robin sang. The birdsong had more depth and timbral color than any voice or wind instrument I’ve known. Birdsong and other sounds of nature is a constant reminder to me that the music of nature is some of the most well-orchestrated and perfect music there is. There’s a purity and arbitrary feeling that comes with this music, as if the tension and release is just right, perfectly configured for the listener to become engaged or to ignore. Here’s a link to the Cornell Lab of Orinthology for those interested in hearing the birdsong of the robin; though, admittedly, what I heard was much richer and sweeter.

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