Thinking of Sound: A finger pointing at the moon

Writing about sound is a real challenge. There’s no possible way that I can use words to explain how a sound and the hearing of it feels. Sure, I can write something that gets you curious to hear it, or I can allude to it, but words are of little value when it comes time to relay the power of sound and music. I’ll keep struggling with it and try to do it, but mostly it will be a lost cause. Sound and music needs to be experienced. Talking about, and using the poetics of words, is like seeing a pencil sketch of the a sunset compared to see the sunset itself.

Words are no good here.

We can only hope that the words trigger some kind of emotional response that opens a person up to this perspective, or brings about a nostalgia to a time when a person was open to what we’re saying. From there, maybe, if we’re lucky, and truly we’ll never know, someone who reads these words may become open to the experience of a sound or a piece of music. The writings, as the Buddhists say, is a finger pointing at the moon, not the moon itself.

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