Thinking of Sound: Moments connected to moments

Listening to Daniel Lanois’ The Deadly Nightshade from his Belladonna recording, I’m drawn towards thinking about emotion in music. There’s something about music that connects us to the moment. There’s some element that acts as a conduit, connecting us back to a series of events and/or a time that makes us long for that time again. I’ve always been amazed by the transcendental quality of music. In fact, I think that it’s been one of the things that’s brought me back to music time and again. The abstract, almost intangible quality of music and sound gives us a marker for experiences in our lives; almost like a folded-over page, or bookmark indicating that in this time and in this place, this thing
happened. It allows us to live in that time and that sequence of events again, if only for just the few minutes that we are transported back to that place on sonic, and psycho-emotional level. I believe that this connection is one of many conduits to the infinite source, allowing us to connect on conscious level, if only momentarily, to the collective unconscious, and its rich pool of experiences.

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